‘’Iftar time tells us that endings can be beautiful too. You break your fast and get a huge reward for it from Allah.’’

The Muse Cafe


The Muse Cafe provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food, service and entertainment at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of choices to the customers as we serve premium quality coffee, espresso beverages, coffee cocktails and more. Though consistence and determination we seek to position ourselves as a dominant regional brand of the cordilleras, with a national presence, by consistently delivering exciting products, sensations and experiences to an increasing number of admirers.

The Story

Life’s Simple Pleasures

The Muse Café was founded in 2015 in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, it was created to tell a story and fusion the taste of Africa with UAE elements, a wonder. The ambience is a unique feel inspired by several global elements. Before long the community had loved the story and the brand hence the company took the Emirate by storm, and grew across the emirate, a rare gem.

We are a restaurant chain which stands to amaze our customers and have them taste different parts of the world in a cup and a plate.