The Muse Café was founded in 2015 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, it was created to tell a story and fusion the taste of Africa with UAE elements, a wonder. The ambience is a unique feel inspired by several global elements.Before long the community had loved the story and the brand hence the company took the Emirate by storm, and grew across the emirate, a rare gem. We are a restaurant chain which stands to amaze our customers and have them taste different parts of the world in a cup and a plate.

Muse Cafe

Our Story

Ever since the day I placed my tiny feet on a plane for the first time, I’ve always had the incessant need to explore worlds beyond my doorstep. As I grew older, the need increased tremendously, developing my incurable sense of adventure. With this unrelenting passion, I also developed a love affair with coffee.

Nature and the world around me have always moved me in ways I can’t explain and coffee has become my fuel of happiness.

I needed that perfect place that speaks to my heart and that cup of wonder that whispers to my soul. Unfortunately Europe wasn’t the answer. I continued to search for my utopian paradise and knew it had to be out there somewhere.

This quest seemed impossible but my dreams were soon realised and a miracle happened. I found myself in Africa.

This is a place where heaven resides on earth, a place where spirits roam freely, a place where one’s tears of joy roll uncontrollably when taking in the aesthetics of true God given beauty, where hiking, paragliding, surfing and even bungee jumping are daily pass times, and also a place that serves that perfect cup of coffee.

The profound tip of this astounding continent grounded me. The majestic oceans speaking to me in foreign tongues, heartbreaking sunsets playing with my emotions, mesmerizing wildlife wanting to become friends for life, captivating treetops and forests making me breathe life, warm and hospitable people who have become my family, so it’s no wonder that the world’s best coffee undoubtedly epitomized my happiness.

Standing on top of one of the eight wonders of the world, Table Mountain, I felt like screaming: The world must know! My world must know! Everyone should experience this! AFRICA, my muse, my source of inspiration, my sense of belonging, my miracle coffee; should become a muse for others as well. Everyone should feel what I feel; taste what I taste, so ultimately I had no choice. I had to bring a piece of it home.

My vision has crystalized beyond my wildest expectations. My mission has materialized beyond my most vivid dreams. My dreams, from beyond my deepest slumber, have become answered prayers.

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Mission Statement

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